Project Archive // Projects // 2006

Matthias Einhoff – Brache Berlin

Bestandaufnahme exhibition series, November, 2006

In short sequences a camera moves across streets and wasteland. The seemingly unspectacular location is documented with spectacular camera shots. The urban...

Markus Lohmann & Michael Böhler – Skyline

Bestandaufnahme exhibition series, November, 2006

A camp ground modelled after international architecture.In November 2006, a temporary tent colony was placed on the North block of the Skulpturenpark. The tents...

Philip Horst – Bulb

Bestandsaufnahme exhibition series, November 2006

Over the southern area of the sculpture park hangs a light bulb in the center with a height of 20 meters. Installed with a distance of 120 meters between two...

Daniel Seiple & Harry Sachs – Billboard

Bestandaufnahme exhibition series, November, 2006


November 12, 2006

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum GRAND OPENING In November 2006, Skulpturenpark had officially appropriated two city blocks for a sculpture park in downtown Berlin....