Christoph Ziegler – Camp Exodus


During the summer of 2009, Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum is temporarily settled by Camp Exodus, an architectural assemblage of envisioned utopias of the past – the convergence of a space station, community garden and a 70s-style modular house.
What has already been attempted on a grand scale is presented and understood on a personally achievable, DIY scale.
Camp Exodus consists of five interior workstations open for public use. Away from the routine of daily life, it is a place to collect and transform ideas, dreams and utopias. It is a performative architecture, inviting guests to use its spaces without inhibition and to explore the praxis of utopi-sizing. The camp also provides a platform for invited artists, researchers, architects, and musicians to experiment and disseminate their ideas about urban transformation and alternative living in urban and open space.