Simon Faithfull – Mobile Research Station No. 1


In August 2009, a strange apparition lands in the wilderness of Skulpturenpark. Faithfull’s Mobile Research Station No.1 is a curious hybrid – half hi-tech Antarctic Research Station/half rusty-broken-dumpster. Using a standard trash container as its basis, the station nevertheless forms a luxurious designer-pod providing for an eccentric set of researchers. Rather than exploring the frozen wastes of Antarctica or the moons of Saturn, the invited artists/researchers undertake their investigations in the surrounding no man’s land and urban zones of uncertainty that still lie at the center of Berlin.

The Researchers

1st Round of Research (Aug–Sep 2009)
Esther Polak, Amsterdam
Annika Lundgren, Götheborg/Berlin
Martin John Callanan, London
Katie Paterson, London
Nick Crowe + Ian Rawlinson, Manchester/Berlin
Simon Faithfull, Berlin/London
Tim Knowles, London

2nd Round of Research (Sep–Nov 2009)
Students of Slade School of Fine Art, London:
Orly Aviv, Natasha Bailey, Hyo Myoung Kim, Junko Otake, Tessa Power, Holly Slingsby, Amanda Wasielewski

Goldsmiths College, London:
Aliceson Carter

Manchester Metropolitan University:
Fiona McKillop, Richard Proffitt, Eva Spiliopoulou

Valand School of Fine Arts, Götheborg:
Fredrika Andersson, Max Andersson, Ida Andrén, Ylva Carlgren, Gitte Eidslott,
Frida Håkansson, Truls Mörck, Guido Perri