Solares Santos

Realised in May 8–15, 2010 as part of MuchosMasMayo Festival, Cartagena, Spain

The downtown of the Spanish port city, Cartagena, has been undergoing dramatic transformations and development. Quarters formerly inhabited by families and migrant workers were torn down in order to give the city a makeover. Many of these buildings were partially protected for their historic value and so their façades often remain, obscuring the vacant lots behind. Due to a lack of investment, little construction has commenced and these voids characterize the city.
At the same time, Cartagena remains a major tourist town with festivals filling the streets nearly every month. In reference to Spain’s rich culture of processions, KUNSTrePUBLIK leads a workshop for artists, architects, urban planners and others in planning a ritualistic parade that connects the disappearing histories and vacant lots around town. Accompanied by a local band, citizens and activists spontaneously join the festival, commemorating each void and pausing for a critical reflection on these urban displacements.