Guest exhibition, Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, opening: March 21, 2010, 3pm

curated by Barbara Sturm
with Gulasch-Kanone by Nina Dick at 3 pm

Iris Andraschek/Hubert Lobnig
From Rural to Urban Landscape
Andreas Strauss/Viktoria Tremmel
TS 001 Lux
Barbara Sturm
tat ort (Berlinger/Fiel)

As an open field, the area of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum inhabits a weakness due to its undefined status. It is constantly diminished by its progressive development. From the investors point of view, the vacant lots are nothing unless they can be developed and commercially used. Four interventions by seven Austrian artists present the barren land in its particular character. They treat it as a field, which according to the wide range of connotations of the term can be filled with diverse meanings.

With the project, From Rural to Urban Landscape, Iris Andraschek and Huber Lobnig will transplant fruit bearing plants from the Waldviertel in Austria to Skulpturenpark. In urban spaces, these kind of plants are generally avoided because they require care and dirty the landscape. The future growth and prosperity of these trans-plants will depend on the care they receive by local residents who are encouraged to adopt these plants. Barbara Sturm’s intervention, NICHTS/ETWAS, aims to strengthen the land’s character by a spatial expansion. Concrete tiles and stones will be removed from the sidewalk and replaced with sections of the wild land, with it’s particular features, prolific vegetation, waste, dog shit, weeds and dried up grass. The traces of the performance, Sansibar, by tat ort (Berlinger/Fiel) will cover the ground with more paper than what is already there, not with waste paper, but with paper planes labeled with dream destinations. Visitors will be able to launch the paper planes from platforms along Skulpturenpark, pulled by the artists. The trash is thus joined by the visitor’s dreams. In Ts001 Lux, Andreas Strauss and Viktoria Tremmel create a vertical illuminated field with the use of sunlight simulating bulbs. This popular therapy against winter depression – offered here in the beginning of spring – creates, like the other interventions, an exaggerated extension of something already here.

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