Jelka Plate – A Very Merry Unarchitecture to You


A Very Merry Unarchitecture to You is an expansive party of emptiness and a miniature monument to an empty space. Topically interweaving the nearby eclectic, model condominium, the construction site for an office building, and Model Park Berlin-Brandenburg, Jelka Plate opens her own model-making studio, the Merry Unarchitecture Workshop, in a modular container.
Over the course of a month, Plate constructs an onsite, scalereplica of Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum’s vacant land. The miniature landscape leaps in time and proportions, perpetuated by memories, reality, fictions, and conversations with local residents who have frequented the park since its inception.
The Merry Unarchitecture Workshop also initiates an exchange with a similar studio located at the southern edge of Skulpturenpark, which produces miniature versions of Berlin’s most distinguished architecture for the tourist attraction, Model Park
. The Berlin-Brandenburg workshop is sponsored by a city job program (Jobcenter Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), which places unemployed workers in temporary positions at the model shop. Plate invites the workshop’s staff to her studio-container to discuss their practice and occupation. Five of the discussions can be listened to during the open hours of the Merry Unarchitecture Workshop.